Georgia Grass Fed Beef

Beef Cuts

Beef Cuts Package Description Whole Half
Steaks (including sirloin, t-bone, and rib-steaks) 1" thick, 2 to a pack, weight varies 56 (28 packs) 28 (14 packs)
Roasts (including chuck, rump, shoulder, and sirloin tip) 2-3 pounds each 23 11
Ground beef 1 pound package 84 42

Other Cuts (these can all be ground and proportions can vary by adding or reducing ground beef) Package Description Whole Half
Cube steak (thin, pressed steak) 1 pound 10 5
Boneless stew (stewing chunks) 1 pound 10 5
Brisket Weight Varies 2 1
Flank Steak Weight Varies 2 1
Skirt Steak Weight Varies 2 1

Bones and Ribs Package Description Whole Half
Short Ribs 2 pounds 10 5

These approximations are for a 500 lb. (dressed weight beef). The exact number will vary depending on the size of the animal and the size of the steaks and roasts. Our butcher is currently cutting steaks at 1-inch thick, but you can specify the thickness. Thicker steaks means fewer steaks.

Beef Cut Chart:
History of Beef Cattle

The domestication of cattle for food, dates back to 6500 B.C. in the Middle East. Cattle were not native to America but were brought to the New World on ships by European colonists. Americans were not big consumers of fresh beef until about 1870, due to the enormous growth of the cattle industry in the West. The introduction of cattle cars and refrigerated cars on the railroad facilitated the distribution of beef. From that point forward, beef became a commonly used staple in the American diet.

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