Georgia Grass Fed Beef


I wanted to let you know we are enjoying our beef from Big Hickory. When should I get a deposit to you to secure a cow for next year?

Hi! Hope this email finds you well. Scott and I would like to re-order...but a whole cow rather than half cow this time. I see that you are currently booked. If anything falls through, can you please put us on a waiting list?

Thank you so much and we really appreciate you!

Please know that we really appreciate you guys offering such a wonderful product. We are proud to support you guys!

Scott Hochmuth & Dr. Brenda Hardy
I wanted to let you know we are enjoying our beef from Big Hickory. When should I get a deposit to you to secure a cow for next year? !

Greg Weatherford
We were very happy with our order from Big Hickory Farms and would like to buy from you again!

Mary Fenwick Grovenstein
Just wanted to let you guys know that we are soooooooo pleased with the beef!!!  The hamburger is amazing - no grease -  don't even have to drain it!  Had a roast the other day and so tender!  Very, very happy customers!!!  Thanks again for producing such a great and healthy product!

C&M Shadle
I want to Thank You for providing 2 delicious and tender cows. I want to put my order in for next year!

D. Porter - Fayetteville, GA
My brother and I both love the beef! A good experience and I’m sure I will be back next year. Please keep us in the loop as the year progresses.

C. Summers- Duluth, GA
Thank you for your wonderful customer service and the delicious grass fed beef. I usually purchased beef from either the local grocery stores or a meat market and the beef quality varied from tough to occasionally having a “gamy” taste to it. Not so with your beef! It is very tender and has a great flavor! You definitely have a repeat customer in me! Anyway, it tastes great and you guys have the best customer service around! I will certainly be talking to you again later this year when we place our repeat order.

L. Burris - Snellville, GA
This year was the first time my family purchased a grass fed cow. We were very excited to find Big Hickory Farms. It’s a local farm not far from us. We had lots of questions and Judy helped us every step of the way. The meat is wonderful. It’s amazing how much flavor this meat has compared to commercial meat. We will be buying all our cows from Big Hickory!

S. Farrell - Clarkesville, GA
We have very much enjoyed the beef and are planning on another buy when our supplies run low enough so there is room in the freezer! Every piece of the process was easy: everyone was as helpful as possible and the courtesy we were shown cannot be equaled.

M. & V. Starr - Cumming, GA
The beef is great! We really liked the processor too! This is our second order!

S. Farrell - Clarkesville, GA
We have tried the Rib-eye steaks and the hamburger so far. They were great! Thank You!

P. Herron - Cumming, GA
We believe in Humane Farm Animal Care to produce the BEST Grass Fed Beef in Atlanta & Northeast Georgia!
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